"We had never seen a Battlebox until Andy brought it into the rehearsal and then we realised what the crisis management phase was all about... using the documents to deal with our staff and visitors, the emergency services, the press, the IT disaster recovery, the telephony and convening the incident management team to gain order out of chaos"

"The Battlebox has been an iconic symbol of my organisation taking BCM seriously. Together with wallet cards, a video film, a website and awareness programme we really are embedding BCM into the culture after years in the wilderness"

"The disaster wasn't really a disaster at all. Hardly worth mentioning because we dealt with it so effectively. It would have been a disaster before we had BCM. Now we are all so well rehearsed, we've got Battleboxes and plans we just did our roles and controlled the situation. Saved a potential loss of 3m. No problem!"

Customer Case Study


The organisation had identified the requirement for an incident management capability that could be standardise over geographical dispersed sites, would get acceptance with timely and controlled implementation and that people would see a tangible benefit.


The customer has purchase over 100 Silver Battleboxes to distribute initially to their head and regional offices cascading down to the branch offices throughout the UK along with an awareness campaign, training and a rehearsal programme.

Business benefits:

The initial feedback is that the Battlebox has promoted the overall business continuity message in a practical and cost effective way and is getting buy-in from senior managers and staff. It is also giving confidence and assurance to their incident handlers who were concerned about reacting rapidly and appropriately to stressful events.

Business Case Study

Investment in a Battlebox supports and drives effective incident/crisis management. There are very real financial returns:

The cost effectiveness and value of a Battlebox is based on best practice and is a proven tool for successful incident management. It will inspire confidence in at every level and can be the prelude to effective business continuity and an essential for protecting people, assets and reputation.

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